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This course will teach you to start your own five-figure freelance side gig from scratch. Zero previous writing experience necessary.

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An Actionable Introduction

Don't know what content and copywriting is? Don't worry, neither did I when I started. (Spoiler Alert) It's everything you ever read on the internet including what you are reading right now. 

Find Out Who Is Paying Writers Now

There are hundreds of thousands of freelance writing gigs posted every single day. (Spoiler Alert) Someone got paid to write the very next thing you will read on the internet.

Discover How Much Money You Can Make

This course teaches you never to take a job that pays less than $25 to $50 per hour or gig. (Spoiler Alert) You should be making $75 to $100 per hour or gig once you get established.

I've made well over six-figures just writing in my spare time over the past 5 years and it almost never happened. When I first started my blog, Unprecedented Mediocrity, I had no idea paid writing even existed. It cost a little money to start my blog and my wife looked at me and said, "if you are spending this money, you better actually write on it." 

There was a moment of hesitation as I spent about $200 bucks and we didn't have a lot to spare then. Yet, if I had shut my laptop and said, "you're right honey, it's not a good use of money right now" I would have been unknowingly flushing away over $100,000 in spare income. 

There is a price to be paid for indecision and fear, I just didn't know it could cost this much. I realized that no one was coming to save the day for my family. I had to be the hero of my family's story just as you are the hero in your family's story. Looking back, I would have paid $10,000 to get started knowing what it brought me. 

Jeff Edwards
The Veteran Copywriter

 The Price of Financial Freedom 

You will learn how to make money year, after year, after year. This course teaches you how to get paid to learn the ropes of content and copywriting. Consider if you made $200 a week doing any side hustle, that's $10,000 of extra annual income. Remember, the starting gigs pay $25 to $50 per hour!

Build Your Writing Side Hustle

Create Your Online Portfolio from Scratch

The chicken and the egg dilemma does not have to apply to you. This course will show you how to create your own online portfolio from scratch by writing about what you already know and love. (Doubting Yourself?) Remember I launched my six-figure side gig from a blog titled Unprecedented Mediocrity. You can do this!

Learn How to Write a Winning Article

It's not as hard as it looks. I use the same formula for 95% of my writing jobs and I have a 100% job satisfaction rate on multiple writing platforms. This course will show you the very formula I use to write articles for $75 to $150 bucks a piece. (Doubting Yourself?) These are 750 to 1500 word articles at the most. It ain't journalism my friends. 

Why Military Veterans are Primed to Thrive

This is not get rich quick. This is the real world of content and copywriting. Yet, all veterans have a story to tell and clients are more than willing to give military veterans an early shot. (Doubting Yourself?) Note that most of my clients are in the 2A space and I get paid to write about guns, ammunition, and the beloved 2nd Amendment. 

" I highly recommend this course if you are looking for an avenue to put yourself out there and make some extra money.  I knew that this market existed, but I did not know how to get started.  With what I learned from this course I now have the tools to put my experiences and knowledge to use for some extra cash.  Jeff does a great job explaining how you can join the ranks of the freelance writers and help shape the narrative of products and services in which you have experience.  I feel like I have the tools to move forward and put my writing skills to work.  So, if you are looking for a way to do something different and generate a side hustle revenue stream, what are you waiting for, take the course." Ethan D. USMC

"I lost my dream job at a University where I was an Associate Dean due to COVID-19. I knew Jeff was a good teacher, because I hired him to be an adjunct instructor at the University. I was working for UPS, with my doctorate, when I reached out to Jeff. I took the course and loved it so much I bought it for another colleague of mine who was also out of work. This course was a laughably small investment compared to what you can make from writing."  Martin H. Ph.D


Break Free from the Tyranny of a Paycheck 

This course will teach you how to make money when you need it as much as you are willing work for. The Veteran Copywriter is but a guide, you are the hero your family needs to break free from the tyranny of a paycheck. 

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