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Freelance writing as a side hustle is gifting financial freedom to families across the world. You and your family deserve the same. 

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In this online course you will learn


Absolutely everything you need to know to go from zero online portfolio to a thriving freelance writing career. I know because this is the same journey that I walked some 5 years ago. The difference is that I'm going to share everything I've learned in one course to get you making good money early and often. I've now made well over six figures writing in my spare time and while I'm not wealthy, I don't worry about money anymore. That is freedom you deserve. 

You'll learn the following:

  • Just how big the copywriting universe is and that there are paid gigs in interest and knowledge area right now. 
  • How to establish your online presence with zero portfolio and zero experience as a paid writer. 
  • How to apply and land jobs early that pay $25 to $50 an hour or per gig and then move up to jobs that by $75, $100, and more!
  • How to write a winning article and blog 100% of the time!
  • How to move beyond blogs and articles and learn the art of copywriting where the good money is waiting for you!
  • How to become an affiliate marketer for this course and get paid by The Veteran Copywriter to practice your copywriting telling others about The Veteran Copywriter.
  • Finally, you'll learn as I did that you have to break free from the tyranny of a paycheck. You'll learn to make money when and as often as you need it through the power of copywriting. 

Step by Step Video Modules

This course is designed to be consumed in 15 to 20 minute Ted Talk style modules that will allow you to learn at your own pace. 

Affiliate Program

Graduates of the course are eligible to become an affiliate of The Veteran Copywriter and get paid to tell others about the course. 

Make Money When You Need It Most

It's insane to work hard at a job under the hopes that you'll get a 3% to 4% raise in a year. Life comes at you faster than 3%! You can keep your job while making plenty of money in your spare time and then take the leap to live the freelance lifestyle for good if you so choose! 

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Key benefits from this course


It's not hard to make good money writing, but you do need to know where to start. You need to understand how to distinguish yourself and market yourself as a writer. You'll need to know how to avoid the pitfalls and the predatory clients looking to take advantage of new writers. 

Most courses try to teach you a little bit of information and then charge you hundreds or thousands to give out the good information. The Veteran Copywriter has no upsell. This course is comprehensive in its totality and it will get you started   on a path to make money sooner rather than later. 

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With a laptop, this course, and an internet connection, you'll have everything you need to get started making money and become captain and commander of your own destiny. 

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