Top 3 Reasons Military Veterans Make Excellent Writers

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

Now, to be clear, one does not need to be a military veteran to be a successful copywriter or content. That this course is named, The Veteran Copywriter, speaks very much to my experience as both a Marine Veteran of Iraq and an experienced copywriter. However, that experience has taught me that military veterans have a unique opportunity to excel in the freelance writing universe. Personally, I've made well over six-figures freelance writing in my spare time over the past 5 years and it all started with the silly notion that I would start a blog. I had no idea paid writing really existed outside of journalism and I certainly would not have envisioned the path it would take me on. That being said, my experience as a veteran played a heavy hand in my success and I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to share with you why I think military veterans are uniquely suited to writing. 

1. To be a Good Writer, You Have to Have Lived Life

More than just existing, a writer needs inspiration from which to draw their content. You can certainly gain life experience outside the military, but it is remarkably difficult to avoid those pivotal life experiences if you are in the military. Personally, the United States Marine Corps took me from small town Tennessee at the age of 17 and infused me with men from across this great nation in a crucible that would earn us all the title, United States Marine. 

Many years and experiences later, that journey would take me to Iraq where I would experience combat with my fellow Marines and when I returned, life would never look the same. After leaving the military, I travelled the world, climbed the Great Wall of China, loved, had my heart broken, loved again, became a father and you throw in the professional experiences I had in between all that and I've got a story to tell. So do you. Yes, those of you outside the military can have a fantastic story as well, but those who have worn the uniform have a unique story that becomes more of a rarity with each passing day. 

2. Clients are Willing to Give You an Early Shot

Paid writing is a job like any other. Namely, you have to perform to keep making money. However, in a competitive world where there are thousands hoping to land the same gig, you need something to stand out. In my writing course, I teach everyone how to answer the all-important question, "Who are you?" For military veterans, your service is a part of that answer and there are clients who will take a swing on you early on as a result. 

Not to mention, you have unique knowledge gained from your MOS that gives you a a great deal of credibility and authority early on. Grunts can write about firearms, Motor-T can write for automobile websites, and Admin POGs, can well, write about pens and paper and stuff I guess. Point is, every military veteran knows a certain job and a certain niche very well at the start. 

3. We'll All Need a Job That's Easy on the Back Later in Life

Personally, I'm slightly over the age of 40 and I've already got arthritis in my lower spine. Thank you USMC! Replace with with bad knees, stiff necks, and any other ailment that stems from bodily abuse of our bodies at a young age,  and  you can find a reason to earn income in a passive way later in life. As I've mentioned, I do writing as a side gig as I've got a good nonprofit Executive job. Thankfully that's a desk job, because this past year I've spent a good deal of time with 10 out of 10 pain in my back. It is soul crushing and many of you know that all too well. 

Many of you vets are killing it in the trade industry, LEO, and other physically demanding jobs. Yet, I think you'll want to shore up an opportunity to write when you back is not doing so well. At my pace, near the age of 40, I made over $100,000 writing in my spare time in 5 years. If I just keep the same pace until I'm 65, that's an extra $500,000 in income. I can do that, my bad back be damned. It takes work to get started, but there is no better time to get started now. 

In Conclusion

You don't have to be Ernest Hemingway to write. If you can write a witty product description about 5.56 ammo, you can get paid to write. If you have the mechanical experience to write something like, "Top 5 Sounds Your Broken HVAC Unit Will Make" you can get paid good money to write. If you can find the time to write a Medal of Honor story while researching the military history you already love, you can get paid to write. I'll sell my writing course to anyone, but my heart always rests with my fellow veterans. Writing has been so good to me and I'm confident that it can be good to you as well. It's not get rich quick, but it's work that pays off big in the long run. Feel free to check out the First Lesson of The Veteran Copywriter for Free Here and build a future without precedent for yourself. 



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