How Any MOS Can Translate Into a Paid Writing Job

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2020

It is a common theme for those joining the military to hope, assume, or dream that their MOS experience will translate into a job in the private sector. Avionics crewmen hope to land with a major commercial airline, military pilots may find themselves flying for FedEx and the relationship between the grunt life and law enforcement jobs is strong. However, not enough give strong consideration as to how their MOS experience can lead to a job writing about what they know. Far too many assume you need to be a journalist or English grammar expert to make it as a writer. Yet, here I am a Marine veteran of Iraq with a loose hold on grammar who made over six-figures writing in spare time over the past several years. So if you are a veteran yourself, or perhaps you are getting ready to transition out of the military, let me borrow a few minutes of your time to show you how you can make good money writing off of your MOS.

Military Experience Communicates Instant Authority

Now, here what I said in that it communicates instant authority and doesn't necessarily make you an instant expert. However, writing clients hire off of what they know and what you communicate. I remember going to back to my early years as a Marine and when someone hears you are a Marine they say things like, "oh, I bet you can kill someone with one finger." I can remember smiling and thinking to myself, "yeah, my trigger finger." Because the truth is that 18-year-old and 140 pound Marine Jeff wasn't killing anyone with his bare hands. 

It's the same thing with your MOS and potential writing clients. Oh you are a Marine, you must know everything about guns so that means you can write a blog about AR-15s. Oh, you are an Air Force veteran, so that you means you can write blogs about drones. So it is with every branch of the military and every MOS. You experience communicates authority early on and your age doesn't even really matter if you know how to pitch yourself. I teach you all of that in my online course and you could easily be a 22-year-old recently separated from the military landing $50 an hour writing gigs based on that authority. 

There are Writing Jobs in Every MOS

So the next question you may have is what kind of jobs exist in your MOS. My answer is everything imaginable. Let me explain. The key to making money as a writer is to simply find those people who are making good money and help them make more. If they are making good money, then they can afford to pay you good money. For example, let's say you are a Navy veteran and you're looking to land writing jobs. Where do you start?

Well, whose making money in all things aquatic and marine? Fishing boat cost money and those who sell them want to drive web traffic to their website and that requires blogs. Same with luxury or recreational watercraft. Then there is boating insurance. There are boating repair services. Boating upholstery. Online courses on how to drive boats. Coolers that hold a lot of beer while you are on a boat. Docks and piers that host boats. Boat storage and so on and so on. Keep in mind that's just using the broad field of "boats." Yes, I know you Navy people do more than boats, but I think you get the point. 

Write Do Work When You Can Write About Work

Take your MOS and start searching on the internet what fields lend themselves to your military experience. If there is anyone making good money selling any product remotely related, you can make good money writing. I was a grunt and make good money writing about firearms and 2nd Amendment products. It's not hard and doesn't require much research and yet, I get paid between $75 to $150 an hour depending on the writing to do it. You just have to know where to get started. 

In the link below, you'll see an opportunity to sign up and get the first lesson for free. No obligation, take the knowledge as its yours to enjoy. If, after that lesson, you believe there could be a future for you as a veteran writer then purchase the full course. The entire course is only $47 bucks and if this course sets you on path to write just two blogs as week for $50 bucks each, that means this course is worth $5,200 bucks to you. You've got an MOS and you've got a need to make good money. This course shows you how I did it and how you can too. Best of luck to you in your writing journey and here's to a future without precedent for you all. 

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