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Organic Digital Products

When your receive an article or blog from The Veteran Copywriter, you now own that digital product in perpetuity. It resides on the internet forever drawing traffic and building organic SEO firepower, forever. More than an article, it is a digital asset that you will always own and will always work for you. 

Audience Building Content

The Veteran Copywriter was founded by Marine veteran Jeff Edwards and the author of the blog Unprecedented Mediocrity. In less than a year, Jeff turned Unprecedented Mediocrity into a blog read over 1 million times and a loyal audience and community was born.  Your audience is a subscription away. 

Content With the Schedule of the CEO In Mind

You may be an amazing writer, but you are busy. You've got stuff to do. Content subscriptions deliver 100% unique digital content every week without fail. You build your company, let the veterans save you time and write the content you need to reach the world. 

How It Works!

Based on your subscription, you receive 1, 2, or 3 unique SEO optimized articles a week. Through our proprietary assessment, your writer will hone in on your desired voice that they will use to craft your original material. We ghostwrite and you or your brand get all the credit as the author and owner! All writers are 100% native English speakers and military affiliated humans making a good earning for their hard work. No outsourcing to the lowest bidder or cheapest writer. The Veteran Copywriter is 100% American and military veteran owned. 

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Learn how to start your own writing career from scratch without a single piece of published material and get paid while you learn the ropes of copywriting. Skip the chicken and egg dilemma and start writing now. 

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